Director of Equalization

Stacie Gran
PO Box 70
Kennebec SD 57544

The Office of the Director of Equalization, also known as the Assessor’s Office, has detailed listings of all property in Lyman County, including the legal descriptions of properties.  The Equalization Office performs technical and professional assessment of real property to establish values for taxation purposes.  The Equalization Office performs on-site property inspections recording data as necessary for real property valuations, using mass appraisal software to calculate values for residential, agricultural and commercial properties.

To view a property map of Lyman County that includes legal descriptions and deeded acres please go to

Notice to property owners from the Lyman County Director of Equalization
Building Permits are REQUIRED before building or moving any structure in Lyman County. Our office also requests notification of any new improvements, changes, or buildings being moved or removed from your property. (improvements & changes include: additions, remodels, windows, siding, roofing, decks, damages to structures, structures having been moved or demolished from the property, etc) 

The Lyman County Equalization Office is continuing its periodic reviews in the county and we will begin reviewing properties this Spring!
Call 605-869-2206 or email to receive a building permit or with any questions you may have regarding a permit.
Thank you for your prompt cooperation.

Bins Permit
Building Permit