Emergency Management

Lyman County Disaster Mitigation Plan Update

The Lyman County Disaster Mitigation Planning Team has just completed updating the County’s disaster mitigation plan.  The plan includes a profile and risk assessment of the various natural hazards that affect the county, such as blizzards, tornadoes, flooding, and droughts, and presents a disaster mitigation strategy designed to lessen the impacts of the hazards.

The plan is available for public review below, at the Lyman County Emergency Management Office, and on the Planning & Development District III website (http://www.districtiii.org/).  Comments and suggestions regarding the plan can be sent to the Lyman County Emergency Management Office at “margo.mitchell@lymancoso.org” or by calling (605) 869-2266.  Comments also can be sent to John Clem at “John.Clem@districtiii.org” or by calling (800) 952-3562.